SiO2 5 MHz Quartz sensor box - 10 pieces per box

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Product Overview

With Silicone dioxide layer these AT-cut piezoelectric quartz crystals, vibrating at 10  MHz, are particularly suitable for liquid biosensing. The quartz crystal surface is flat and carefully polished. The gold electrode adhesion is enhanced by using a substrate of titanium.
Each sensor is preserved in a practical protective container, has single side electrode contacts and it is compatible with old openQCM and the new RF-spring contact system.

One side contacts Yes
Quartz Frequency 5 MHZ
Nominal Sensitivity 1.767 x 10-8 g Hz-1 cm-2
Frequency Tolerance ± 20 KHz @ 23°C
Capacitance ~5 pF (C0)
Quartz Density 0.0026497 Kg/m3 @ 25°C
Cut AT
Quartz Thickness ~ 160 um
Blank Diameter 14 mm
Front electrode diameter 11.5 mm
Back electrode diameter 6 mm
Electrode material Gold (Au)
Electrode Coating SiO2 - Au - Ti substrate
Electrode Thickness ~ 10 nm Ti - 200 nm Au - 50 nm SiO2
Electrode Contacting
Single - sided contact
Electrical Connection Pogo-pins
Surface appearance Transparent
Working temperature up to 250 °C
Cleaning A new sensor might be contaminated. Pre-cleaning the surface will give more reproducible results



(No reviews yet) Write a Review