5 MHz quartz crystal sensors - 10 pieces

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Product Overview

5 MHz quartz crystal sensors perticularly suitable for liquid biosensing - 10 pieces shipped in a box. Gold electrodes with titanium substrate. 14 mm blank diameter 12 mm Au-Ti electrode diameter. Single sided contacting. Suitable for liquid sensing.Each sensor is preserved in a practical protective container, has single side electrode contacts and it is compatible with old openQCM and the new RF-spring contact system.

One side contacts Yes
Quartz Frequency 5 MHz
Nominal Sensitivity 1.767 x 10-8 g Hz-1 cm-2
Frequency Tolerance ± 7KHz
Capacitance, C0
typ. 8 pF
Quartz Density 0.0026497 Kg/m3 @ 25°C
Stiffness 8.749 N/m2
Cut AT
Cut Angle 35° 15'± 3'
Quartz Thickness ~ 270 um
Blank Diameter 13.95 mm (± 0.05 mm)
Front electrode diameter 11.20 mm
Back electrode diameter 5.6 mm
Electrode material Gold (Au)
Electrode Coating Au - Ti substrate
Electrode Thickness ~ 200 nm Au (on ~10 nm Ti substrate)
Electrode Contacting
Single - sided contact
Electrical Connection Pogo-pins
Surface appearance Transparent (Polished)
Cleaning A new sensor might be contaminated. Pre-cleaning the surface will give more reproducible results



(No reviews yet) Write a Review