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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Fluidic module:
Shipped with the default top cover composed of: flash chrome plating aluminium shield with a PTFE fluidic core (exposed to the samples)

Product Overview

openQCM NEXT the Quartz Crystal Microbalance with dissipation monitoring, simultaneous multiple - overtones measurement and active thermal control. A more advanced device with better measurement quality at very affordable price.

openQCM NEXT is the newly developed Quartz Crystal Microbalance, a real-time analytical instrument based on a surface sensitive technology featuring advanced capabilities. The device is capable of frequency and dissipation monitoring on multiple overtones at the same time. In addtion, the openQCM Next features an active temperature control, based on an integrated Peltier module. These new characteristics make the new device measurements more reliable and accurate.

The device is completely re-engineered in terms of design and materials, ensuring chemical compatibility and thermal efficiency. The fluidic module is the real core of openQCM NEXT, the real holder of the quartz sensors, made to be a multi-purpose accessory.

Dissipation Monitoring
Multi overtones
Temperature control
Number of sensors Single quartz resonator sensor
Quartz sensors 5 MHz e 10 MHz , 14 mm blank diameter, - wrapped (single sided contacting)
Frequency range 5 and 10 MHz : 1 to 50 MHz
Working temperature 20 - 45 °C (depending on starting environmental temperature)
Control direction Heating and Cooling
TEC element Peltier
Electronics interface
Network analyser
Physical quantities Frequency and dissipation
Measurement mode
Multi - overtones
5 MHz: up to 9th overtone
10 MHz up to 5th overtone
Minimum sampling time
~ 150 ms for each harmonic
Volume of chamber ~ 50 μl
Fluidic module material
Top Cover: Flash chrome plating aluminium shield with a PTFE Fluidic core (exposed to the samples)
Bottom: Flash chrome plating aluminium 
Heat sink material Flash chrome plating Aluminium
Main case material Aluminum 6061 and Nylon plastic PA2200
Data communication USB 2.0
Main Electronics input voltage USB 5VDC powered
Peltier module input voltage 5 VDC using 220 VAC adaptor
Total weight 260 g
Length 20 cm
Height 4 cm
Width 8 cm
Colour Black & Blue
Case Material Nylon plastic PA2200

Warranty Information

1-Year Extended Warranty extends our Standard Limited Warranty by one year for new products, to a total of two years coverage from the date of purchase. Customer may purchase 1-Year Extended Warranty Service for openQCM devices. Get peace of mind knowing your system will be safer, for longer. Take this opportunity to extend or upgrade your support service for your openQCM device. Features: Extends the Standard Limited Warranty another year Provides comprehensive repair coverage No charge product replacement No charge shipping costs for replacement


(No reviews yet) Write a Review