Pipetting module for openQCM NEXT

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Product Overview

The pipetting module for openQMCM NEXT allows a direct access to the sensor (e.g.: pipetting, external environment exposure). This accessory is specifically designed for openQCM NEXT and designed in order to guarantee the lowest possible sample volume requirement. You can directly pipette a minimal amount of liquid to cover the sensor. This cover is suitable for evaporation studies, external reactions chemical reactions.The Teflon window is particularly suitable for use with aggressive substances (e.g.: solvents). 

The module consists of:

  • 1 electroplating chromed Aluminum base, with an integrated proximity electronics, that mounts a 10K thermistor for an active T-control feedback;
  • 1 PTFE top open cover with  its engraved viton o-ring holder;
  • 1  lid to avoid evaporation of samples and to improve measurement stability;
  • 2 M2.5 Slotted Round Nuts (DIN 546) - Marine Stainless Steel (A4)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review