Optical module for openQCM NEXT

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Product Overview

The optical module for openQMCM NEXT allows the optical access to the sensor surface. Thanks to the embedded SiO2 window, it is possible  to combine the QCM technique with optical/spectral analyses (e.g.: UV, Raman, etc.).
In order to avoid chemical contaminations, the optical window is embedded to its top cover by meand a thin PTFE frame.
Thanks to this solution it was possible to avoid the use of glues or other chemical substances.

The module consists of:

  • 1 chromed Aluminum base, with an integrated proximity electronics, that mounts a 10K thermistor for an active T-control feedback;
  • 1 electroplated Nickel Stainless steel top cover that includes a central quartz window and an engraved viton o-ring holder for sealing the internal chamber;
  • 2 M2.5 slotted Round Nuts (DIN 546) - Marine Stainless Steel (A4)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review