openQCM Q-1 Shield for Teensy 4.0

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openQCM Q-1- shield-for-teensy-4-0
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Product Overview

openQCM Q-1 shield is a powerful Quartz Crystal Micrbalance (QCM-D)  electronic PCB based on network analyzer, designed for more advanced applications using Quartz Crystal Microbalance Technology (e.g. dissipation measurements).

The openQCM Q-1 electronics is mainly based on a scalar network analyzer, which is able to passively interrogate the device under test in a wide range of frequencies and analyze the transmitted signal in terms of gain and phase.

The shield uses an AD9851 DDS/DAC Synthesizer clocked at 120 MHz, which is able to generate a sine wave signal between DC and 50 MHz. The signal passing through the quartz crystal sensors is analyzed by AD8302 RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector which is able to simultaneously analyze both the gain loss and the phase delay.



NOTE: Teensy shield is shipped with all components mounted. Teensy board not included.

Dissipation monitoring Yes
Frequency Range 1 MHz to 50 MHz
Quartz frequencies compatibility 5 Mhz and 10 MHZ as default, but you could use other resonators in the whole frequency range
Hardware Compatibility Teensy 4.0
Software Python
OS Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux
Data communication USB 2.0 via Teensy 3.6
Input Voltage 5 VDC
Max current 200 mA @ 5VDC
Total weight 26 g
Length 87 mm
Height 10 mm (included board to board connectors)
Width 60 mm
Working temperature 0 °C - 50 °C


(No reviews yet) Write a Review