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openQCM Teensy Shield


The QCM Teensy electronics is a high-quality Teensy 3.2/LC compatible shield for quartz crystal microbalance applications. The QCM shield is a dual layer PCB characterized by lead-free gold-plated pads. The QCM circuit consists of a quartz crystal oscillator driver, a 3V3 voltage regulator (that increase the signal stability), a signal conditioning circuit. Furthermore in its sensor head PCB there is a new I2C Temperature sensor.

NOTE: Teensy shield is shipped with all components mounted and its sensor head PCB. Sensor head included. Teensy board not included.

Thanks to the use of the Teensy microcontroller, openQCM Teensy Shield is now capable of measuring frequencies up to 25 MHz, allowing you to use a wide range of quartz sensors with different sensitivities.

The SN74LVC1GX04 is designed for creating a crystal oscillator circuit with a buffered square-wave output. According to Pierce’s oscillator topology, the first inverter is used as a linear amplifier for crystal oscillator and the last three inverters guarantees a fast edge "square-wave" at the output.

More Information
Dissipation monitoring No
Frequency Range 1 MHz to 25 MHz
Number of overtones 1th (fundamental)
Temperature Sensor I2C - MCP9808-E/MS (-40°C to +125°C) mounted on sensor head PCB
Hardware Compatibility Teensy 3.2 and Teensy LC
Software Java
OS Compatibility Win, MAC, Linux
Input Voltage 5VDC
Max current 80mA @ 5VDC
Total weight 13 g
Length 60 mm
Height 10 mm (included board to board connectors)
Width 37 mm
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