Our company

Novaetech S.r.l. is the first Spin-off Company of the National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF). Core business is the development of innovative sensors, characterized by high resolution and ultra high mass sensitivity. Particular efforts, time and investments have been dedicated to the development of new generations of mass sensors based on quartz crystal microbalance and MEMS technologies for which Novaetech has already provided its expertise in many fields of applications.

Our expertise

Novaetech S.r.l. in the start-up phase, collaborated only in international space projects with public and private institutions as NASA, European Space Agency (ESA), Thales, Galileo Avionica etc. In these cases Novaetech researchers provided its expertise in the development of breadboards for dust and water detection in planetary environments (es., ESA-ROSETTA mission, MEDUSA instrument for Mars explorations). In these last years the company extended its application fields by using developed space sensors for innovative earth applications: environment, energy, microbiology, animal reproduction and human health. In some cases its results have been patented and/or published in the most important scientific papers as Science.

Most relevant publications

  • Organics Captured from Comet 81P/Wild 2 by the Stardust Spacecraft, Science, 2006.
  • The Grain Impact Analyser and Dust Accumulator (GIADA) Experiment for the Rosetta Mission: Design, Performances and First Results, Space Science Reviews, 2007.
  • Experimental evidence of a buoyant mass difference between bovine spermatozoa bearing X- and Y-chromosomes using a micromechanical resonator, The Analyst, 2014.